SONGS OF HEAVEN AND EARTH Crossing the Threshold, Findhorn, Dec. 29th - Jan 3rd, ‘23.

Come and immerse yourself in the great joy and healing capacity of music, nature and ceremony as we consciously cross the threshold to bring in the New Year in Findhorn, Dec. 29th '22 - Jan 3rd, ‘23!

Barbara, Javier and Fabien invite you to 5 days of celebration and relaxation as we celebrate community of heart in this magical time of the year. There will be song, dance, creativity and ritual, while also allowing time for a journey of self-reflection, connecting with the stillness found in nature and at the heart of our being. New Year’s Eve is celebrated within the community in our traditional manner, with pure, delightful fun!

Barbara Swetina is masterful at holding sacred space through music, inspiring participants to join in easily at their own level. She celebrates songs and peace dances from around the world, plays many instruments and brought the daily sacred harmony singing into the heart of the community. She teaches internationally.

Fabien Barouch is a founding member of the New Findhorn Association (NFA) and a long-term resident of The Park. He is an experienced facilitator and has a passion for nature.

Javier Rodriguez is a workshop leader, therapist and coach with more than 20 years’ experience. He has an MA in Clinical Psychology and specific in-depth training in various approaches to personal development and transpersonal psychology.

From a course participant: "This time has been, as I had hoped, transformational for me. It helped to clarify my next steps, giving me a tremendous boost in practical ways as well, helping me to see the balance between silence and action. Thank you for open heart experiences, singing together these lovely beautiful songs that touch you at the bottom of your soul. I experienced music as as way to connect with emotions, with self, with others, feeling the link between earth and heaven that music allows. I know that I can make a difference, it begins with me, "attitude changes everything”!"

What is different: This is community led initiative and we will be working in collaboration with the Findhorn Foundation who will be assisting with providing accommodation. We are stepping up to become also the program coordinators! We need a minimum number of bookings by Nov. 15th to go ahead.

We are booking the venues ourselves and have connected with a wonderful gourmet cook, our dear Daisy. So your meals are in good hands!

For accommodation we liaise with the Findhorn Foundation, who will book us as a group for the period of 29th December, leaving before 10am on 3rd January 2023. Those seeking accommodation from 28th December should let us know in advance. Of course, you can also get your own B&B accommodation or stay with friends.

Course fee: for 5 days, sliding scale £275 - 375, inclusive of 5 days lunches and dinners.

Accommodation prices: The accommodation will be available from the night of the 28th December 2022. If you wish to stay on you may consider booking into a local B&B. The accommodation does not include breakfast.
Single Bed in Twin Room: £48 per night
Single Bedroom: £60 per night
Double room £96 per night

Booking process:
Step 1: Contact our wonderful ‘Booking Director’ Prakash by writing to his email: Tel: +44(0)2070959532 It was Prakash’s idea to ask us to organize another New Years Event, and we are glad to have him on our team! He will share about the accommodation options.

Step 2: Once registered please pay a deposit of £275 - 375 through our the paypal button below: This is a tiered course fee according to your level of abundance. It includes lunch and dinner for 5 days and acts as a deposit. The deposit is returnable up to 15th November 2022 when we review the booking numbers and make a final decision. Those who have paid their deposit will be invited to take-up and pay for their accommodation.

Step 3 : Please book your travel arrangements after 20th November 2022, ready to arrive for lunch Dec. 29th or before. Barbara, Fabien, Javier and Prakash look forward to welcoming you in Findhorn!

More Info and Booking: If you have questions and to book please contact Prakash Bijwe:
Tel: +44(0)2070959532 Then....

Please choose a price according to your level of abundance by using the Paypal button below. The course fee includes lunch and dinner for 5 days, but not your accommodation, which Prakash will inform you about and which will be paid separately.

Course Fee

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