Homecoming in Song, Findhorn, July 15 - 21 2024


7 days immersed in the power of music, community & stillness

Findhorn Ecovillage, July 15 - 21 2024

In this seven day long musical retreat, Barbara Swetina (Findhorn) and Joachim Goerke (Germany) combine their many gifts to create a unified heart field through the magical power of music.

From listening to Joachim’s exquisite piano playing, immersing ourselves into the rich harmonies of community singing, sharing heartfelt blessings in dances from around the world or musical improvisation and ritual, together we are weaving a colorful fabric of sound, stillness, prayer and healing, building a Sacred World Culture of respect and love for all beings, within the magnetic field of the world renowned Findhorn Ecovillage.

This week is also a unique opportunity to peek into Joachim and Barbara’s toolbox for songleaders; this will include a mixture of vocal improvisation, voice training, musicianship practice, song accompaniment, music theory, song creation, dances and holding sacred space.

Time in nature, stillness and the transformative essence of sound lead us back to the memory of our divine origin.

Some impressions from last year's retreat...
Barbara Swetina

Barbara Swetina

Who it’s for:

If your answer is a yes to any of the following statements, this course is for you! Would you like to:

  • experience the voice as a path to the Divine in your heart?
  • deepen your enjoyment and understanding of music?
  • experience Findhorn and its rich singing culture?
  • get tips on how to hold local song circles / singing groups?
  • expand your musical toolbox and song repertoire?
  • anchor song, dance and stillness as a practice in your circles and communities?
Previous musical experience is welcome, but not required.

What to expect:
  • Intimate evening concerts and soundscapes co-created by Joachim and Barbara
  • New songs and dances to expand your repertoire
  • Wholistic Voice Development
  • Dances of Peace from around the World
  • Experience of Green Zone Learning
  • Circle Singing
  • Instrumental/Vocal Improvisation
  • Piano Concert in the Universal Hall with Mantric Songs for listening and joining in
  • Immersion in Findhorn Community Singing Events (e.g. Taize singing)
  • Community & Celebration
Join us to experience music in a relaxed, safe and non-judgemental community setting!

Universal Hall Findhorn

Course Fees / Sponsors / Discounts & Scholarships

Course Fee: £350 / £290 - if booked before 10th of April
Valued Sponsor Price: £400 and above
Youth discount: (up to 26 years): £180 / 150 if booked before 10th of April
Findhorn Community: £320 / 260 if booked before 10th of April Couple discount: When you sign up as a couple, each of you gets 10% off

We are also open to suggestions for creative ways on how you can support us in exchange for a reduced tuition fee, such as advertisement for the course and recruiting further participants. It may be possible to apply for a bursary, after the minimum number of participants is reached, for this write to homecominginsong@gmail.com, stating your situation.

Your Facilitators:
Barbara Swetina
Barbara Swetina is a full-blooded musician with degrees from the Music University Mozarteum, the University of Pedagogy and the ORFF Institute Salzburg. Originally from Vienna she has been a long-standing musical director in the Scottish Eco-Village Findhorn and has built up an international singing and dancing culture for peace. She plays 7 instruments, authors CD's and songbooks, writes her own songs and teaches internationally. Her love of music is contagious and can transform a group of people unknown to each other into a many-voiced choir within minutes. Through her own challenges in reading music, she developed the MusicTrain Adventure in Hawaii, a game and holistic learning system that showcases a new paradigm for teaching and learning, based on fun and play.

Barbara Swetina
Born 1957 in Germany, Joachim Goerke began playing the piano at the age of 7. Whilst still at school he had already started a Jazz trio, then in the 80s he was involved in several Band projects with Rock Jazz and Fusion.

In 1990 he began to work with voice and founded the Choir "Clangvarben". When he met the Singer Rhiannon from the US (Member of the Circle-Tour with Bobby Mc Ferrin), he started to explore "Circlesinging", and did Tours in Germany together with Rhiannon.

Since 2000 he has created many Mantra Songs in the German language as an expression of his own spiritual path. In colaboration with the Dutch dancer Nani Kloke he produced many of them also in English language (CD Religio Reconnection).

He has also created his own Voicework, which he calls "The power of Vowels" Nowadays he is also a teacher of Meditation and Self inquiry.

Universal Hall Findhorn


'Singing and dancing together, I was touched by the music, tears flowed freely from deep within my soul, I felt held and loving and kind towards myself, reconnecting to my heart in the tender atmosphere of the group.'
Ocke C.

“I felt complete safety and over-all physical and mental stillness, trust: at times I almost felt “out of body” – moments where I thought: Imagine if the rest of the world was experiencing this sense of peace, connection and joy – The song “Lean on Me” has been my mantra. A true balm for the soul.”

“I am much closer to loving myself and taking care of Me as the Divine in my "singularity”, I feel the world feels the radiation of Light I have returned with - my cat certainly does, I have more confidence to sing out and trust all is very well.”


Yes you can do your own thing!

Lunch & dinner provided by the Phoenix Cafe for £120.

Please indicate your choice regarding food in the registration form.

Accommodation in Findhorn is handled by different people and fills up quickly during the high season, so please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
If you feel in need of advice or update - our angel helper for accommodation Fabien is happy to help you by telephone 0044 7444 210733 to make the right choice.

1) Self-Provision: If you can stay with friends, go for it!

2) B&B: For a choice of Bed & Breakfast, please go to https://findhorn.cc/services/bed-breakfast-list/

3) Findhorn Bay Holiday Park:
a) A group of visitors can rent a whole Eco Chalet/Static Caravan (Sleeps 6) or Eco Pod/Eco Cabins (Sleeps 4)
b) Accommodation in single, twin and double rooms on a price range from £50-70 pp per night.
c) Tent and touring caravan bookings @ £24-36 pp per night

All accommodation, pricing and booking instructions can be found online. For Tent Bookings please call 01309 690203 or email reception@findhornbayhp.com as these can not be booked online.

4) Camping - rustic - in the Findhorn Hinterlands for £5 a night please get in touch with the Landmanager Kajedo at landmanager@findhornhinterland.org

5) Findhorn Village Hostel: Economy bunk beds and cooking facility, £25 pp per night. Approx. 15 minutes walk to Findhorn Ecovillage, for further information and booking visit www.findhornvillagehostel.com

Please fill out this form to register for the retreat. Once we receive your registration, we will be in touch with you asap to confirm your participation in the retreat and to confirm all missing details.

Any questions?
For any logistical questions, please get in touch with admin angel Carolin at homecominginsong@gmail.com

For accommodation Fabien is happy to help you by telephone 0044 7444 210733.

If you have any direct questions for Barbara or Joachim, please note this in your enquiry and Carolin will forward your email.

Universal Hall Findhorn

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