Song Circle Training 2023

Sacred Song and Dance Leadership Training in Community

Video introduction from Barbara to the Song Circle Training 2023
An introduction from Barbara

Video from Song Circle Training 2023

Would you like to:

  • Experience music and voice as a path to the Divine, connecting heaven and earth?
  • Be part of a community that grows in learning and teaching music together?
  • Share heart-opening songs and dances in your own singing circles and communities?
  • Become a messenger for peace through music in our world?

Then why not join Barbara’s Sacred Song & Dance Leadership Training 2024 in Community?

This training is for both aspiring song leaders and those who want to immerse themselves into a rich field of music without leading. New and returning participants are welcome, at their current level of musical unfolding. Come and be part of a field of friendship and support where learning is natural, joyful and relaxed.

The 2024 programme consists of two in-person modules, each 6 days long, in May and October 2024 in Ökodorf Herzfeld Sennrüti in Switzerland, plus 6 monthly online sessions in-between. For an optimal experience, the group size will be kept between minimum 12 and maximum 25 participants.

By the end of the course you will have:

  • Experienced a rich repertoire of songs and dances to take home and use with your friends
  • Learned to hold local song circles and singing groups.
  • Been touched in your own heart and built deep connections with other group members.
  • Gained insights into how to hold a ceremonial healing space, externally and internally.
  • Experienced tools for building community, based on trust and loving interactions, in tune with the Findhorn Foundation's principles.
  • Grown in confidence and inspiration for being a successful song leader.
  • Expanded your comfort zone and liberated your musical self.
  • Connected and developed a relationship with your very own individual voice.
  • Experienced how teaching and learning can become effortless, stress-free and joyful (‘green-zone-learning’).
  • Learned to combine music and movement through dance.
  • Learned which songs and dances can be simply accompanied with instruments.
  • Opened up to be a channel for peace, connecting heaven and earth through music.

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Course Content:

  • Immerse yourself in songs and dances from different cultures, led by Barbara, just to have an experience of wellbeing, ease and healing for yourself.
  • Grow your repertoire of songs and rituals for seasonal festivals, birthdays, etc.
  • Receive ongoing comments from Barbara on what she is doing and why, giving you a unique insight into the awareness of a song leader from her experience, passing on a lifetime of useful skills.
  • Have the opportunity to lead songs yourself with constructive feedback afterwards, in a safe environment (voluntary, by request).
  • Learn the background of songs and traditions
  • Acquire the 'tools' to successfully lead song circles (music map, playful introduction to rhythm, improvisation, voice warm-ups, ear training for starting tones, exercises for people who can't sing in tune, or people who think they can't sing, relaxation excercises.)
  • Get insights on how to create a healing, ritual space (external and internal preparation, how to shape the external space, how to get into stillness, which songs/dances are suitable for which occasions, how can instruments be used simply and effectively, how can music become prayer, a healing and spiritual practice?)
  • Experience teaching styles to make learning effortless, stress-free and joyful (brain-friendly, playful, success guaranteed, 'GreenZone Learning', Barbara’s own MusicTrain method )
  • Group dynamic exercises that promote trust and loving interaction in the group
  • Structuring of an event with ritual dances and songs.
  • Consideration of wishes the participants also bring with them

dance circle group

Materials you will receive:
Findhorn Community Songbook Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 with over 350 songs in total, with chords and many dance descriptions.
5 Song CD’s and 1 Dance CD with music and dance descriptions / available also as downloads.
CD and MP3 files with all songs + dance music from the course
Full Session Scripts from the modules as reminders.
Video recordings with the dances, as memory aids.

Course structure:

Sennrüti 2019
2x six day long in person modules in the Sennrüti Ecovillage in Switzerland
Module 1 in Sennrüti: 14-19 May 2024
Module 2 in Sennrüti: 1-6 October 2024

Between the modules :

6 online sessions, 90 minutes long for mentoring and practice, exact date and time tbc based on best availability of participants.

Plus add-ons, which you can choose to add to your training experience and which you will receive at a reduced rate:

  • Learn how to use and teach with the Music Train Adventure enabling everyone to read music through games and creativity (90 min long introductory workshop with Barbara - Value 90 CHF)

  • Homecoming in Song and Stillness - a 5 day long celebration of summer and music in the renowned Findhorn Ecovillage with Barbara Swetina and special guest Joachim Goerke who is a pianist, singer, composer, songleader and spiritual mentor. (Websites: and
    Date: 15-21 July 2024
More information to be shared soon!

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Course fees and payment plans:

The costs for the attendance of the course consists of 3 parts:

  • the tuition fee
  • catering (fully organic - vegetarian/vegan)
  • accommodation in the Sennrüti Ecovillage in Switzerland (range from single room, shared room to dormitory in yurt)

Tuition Fee for both 6 day in-person modules, all online calls and all materials:

CHF 1800 or CHF 1440 if booked by 15th of March
Discount for non- leaders and returning members CHF 1500 or CHF 1250 if booked by 15th of March
Further young persons discounts available on request

Payment Plans available for tuition fee:

Option 1:
Full tuition fee paid upfront at registration

Option 2:
Deposit of CHF 350. at registration to secure your place 3 payments of 365 CHF within 3 months

Option 3:
Deposit of CHF 350.- at registration to secure your place 5 payments of 220 CHF within 5 months

Discounts & Scholarships available on tuition fees:
If more financial support would help make a difference please apply for a bursary at time of booking. Bursaries can be given once the minimum number of places have been filled. To apply for a scholarship, tell us more about yourself here

Food Catering *:
CHF 180.- per person per module (organic home cooked meals, vegan or vegetarian)

Accommodation Options *:

Option 1:
All single rooms are now booked up, but if this prevents you from attending the training, please do let us know in the registration form and we may be able to find a solution.

Option 2:
Double room CHF 180.- plus 9.- for bedlinen and towel - per module/6 days

Option 3:
Multi bed room CHF 112.50 (own sleeping bag and towel) - per module/6 days

Option 4:
Yurt CHF 75.- (own matt, sleeping bag and towel) - per module/6 days

* Can all be paid upfront or 2 weeks before each module.


To register please fill out this registration form.
Once we receive your registration, we will be in touch with you asap to confirm your participation in the course and to set up the payment plan of your choice. We accept payments for the course via bank transfer and we will be able to assist you with all required details once we receive your registration.


Barbara and participant
In my experience Barbara leads groups to a uniquely positive and high frequency, through music. As hearts naturally open, there is a deep and tender connection to both the universe and each other that reminds me of the feeling I have when I hold my child in my arms. To inspire this tenderness in a group of strangers is a wonder and inspiration for the healing of our world, taking us several dimensions beyond a typical choir or circle dance experience. It is a rare privilege to experience this with Barbara and learn from her how to perform this beautiful craft ourselves.”
Jamie Brown Hansen, Training participant 2023

“Barbara is an authentic and a wonderful teacher. In a short time I got to know many beautiful songs from different cultures. Until then I was rather unmusical. Thanks to the training with Barbara, I can now perceive, use and enjoy my voice better. The Sacred Songs and Dances contain old wisdom teachings that are repeated over and over while singing and dancing. Through this I feel comfort, healing and am connected to humanity in a loving way. Even in everyday life I feel the power and the healing effect of the songs. This training with Barbara has enriched my life immensely.”
Josephine S. course participant 2019

“It is genuinely no exaggeration to say that, if it was not for you, my life would be very different. You were the 'mid-wife' for my transfer from 'non-musician /apprentice/ audience member' to discovering that I could be a part of the music. And then beyond that, you became the 'health-visitor' supporting me as I took my early steps in sharing that experience with others - gently encouraging me to let go of the CD and lead the parts myself from my heart. You provided me with my 'template' of singing as a source of deep connection with Spirit, with each other, with intimacy in community. So you are also 'responsible' for all those who have come to the experience of singing through the groups and sessions that I have led. Thank you, you are a wonderful gift, connecting us to music, to spirit and to each other.”
With deep love and gratitude David Harrison, (current voice teacher and song leader in Findhorn)

See our gallery for pictures from previous trainings.

About Barbara:

Barbara SwetinaBarbara Swetina is a professional musician and music success coach, dedicated to building a unified heart field with music and voice. She graduated from the Mozarteum Salzburg in Recorder (concert level) and Piano and has a degree from the Orff Institute for Elementary Music Education. Since her teenage years she has been on a spiritual quest and was most influenced by Rudolph Steiner, the Findhorn Community, the Sufi message, the Aloha Spirit and Nonduality. Barbara plays and teaches 7 different instruments.

For over 30 years she has been building a culture of peace through daily spiritual singing sessions as a musical director in the Findhorn Eco-Village in Scotland. Barbara published CDs and songbooks and is the creator of the MusicTrain Method, a game for learning to read music through play. Her love of music is contagious and can transform a group of strangers into a polyphonic choir with minutes. Barbara writes and arranges music and teaches internationally. By empowering people to develop their musical potential she wants to contribute to the creation of ‘the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible’.

Any questions?

For any logistical questions or any support with booking, please get in touch with our booking angel Carolin at If you have any questions for Barbara, please contact her at

Interested but not quite sure yet?

If you have more questions about the training and the actual contents, you can email Carolin to recieve a recording of our info call.